Imagine a one-stop-shop where you can access all the important services from both the government and private companies. Well, Karnataka One is just that! Launched by the Chief Minister of Karnataka in January 2022, it’s a super-convenient online platform. Here, you can do things like applying for an Aadhaar card, checking your voter ID, paying bills, and much more.

In this article, we’ll break down how to get started with Karnataka One and what you can gain from it. It’s all about making your life easier by bringing government services closer to you. So, let’s dive into the simple process of registering on Karnataka One and explore the benefits you can enjoy!

What is Karnataka One Web Portal?

Karnataka One is an integrated online platform created by the government of Karnataka, a state in southern India for online services. It’s a digital platform where people can easily access government services and information in one place. It provides a single interface for anytime anywhere citizen citizen-centric services from both government and private businesses services. It aims to provide it in an integrated, convenient, fair, effective, secure, sustainable and citizen friendly, using technology to achieve this goal.

Karnataka One aims to simplify and streamline the process of availing government services and reduce the need for people to visit multiple government offices in person. Citizens can register on the Karnataka One online portal and avail of the services under the Government to Citizen (G2C) category. Currently, Karnataka One covers 24 cities and enables online payments.

Objective of Karnataka One Portal:

The main objectives of this initiative are:

– To offer various services to different government departments, organisations and private companies in a way that is convenient and accessible for citizens.

– To improve transparency, responsiveness and accountability to the needs of citizens.

– To adopt cost-effective methods of service delivery for the departments.

– To provide efficient online EIS and MIS for the departments.

– To enable government agencies and departments to concentrate on their core functions.

Types of Services Under Karnataka One Portal:

Some of the services that can be availed through the portal are:

  • Applying for an Aadhaar card or updating Aadhaar details.
  • Enrolling for Ayushman Bharath, a health insurance scheme for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Checking voter ID status and downloading voter slips.
  • Accessing revenue department services such as caste, income, domicile and land records certificates.
  • Purchasing e-stamps for legal documents and transactions.
  • Coordinating with municipal authorities for property tax, water supply and sanitation issues.
  • Applying for a ration card or a non-priority card for subsidised food grains.
  • Requesting for revaluation, re-totalling or scanning copies of SSLC and PUC board exams.
  • Contributing to the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Maandhan Yojana, a pension scheme for small and marginal farmers.
  • Applying for admission under the Right to Education Act for free and compulsory education for children.
  • Downloading application forms for various government department schemes and programs.
  • Registering for job alerts and career guidance.
  • Applying for a passport or tracking passport status.
  • Accessing police department services such as filing complaints, obtaining FIR copies and verifying antecedents.
  • Buying LED bulbs, LED tubes and fans at discounted prices under the UJALA scheme.
  • Availing Seva Sindhu services such as grievance redressal, feedback and suggestions.
  • Booking transportation services such as bus tickets, driving licence and vehicle registration.
  • Paying fees to the Urban Development Authority for various projects and plans.
  • Paying utility bills such as electricity, water and telephone online.

Benefits of the Karnataka One Portal:

  • This portal offers a range of services from different private and public sectors in one place. 
  • The portal operates every day from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, except for some national and state holidays. 
  • Citizens can pay using various methods, such as cash, DD, cheque, online payment, and credit or debit card. 
  • The portal ensures that the services are provided within a reasonable time frame to reduce the waiting time for citizens. 
  • The citizen service centres have air-conditioning and amenities like television, drinking water, etc. 
  • Most of the services do not require any extra service fees. 
  • Many services can be accessed online.

How to Register on the Karnataka One Portal

Offline Process to Apply on Karnataka One:

To create a citizen account with the Government of Karnataka and access its services, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Karnataka One Portal.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab and then click on the ‘Create an account’ button for Karnataka One registration.

Step 3: Fill in the account details, such as the login name and password. Provide your details, such as your name, email ID and mobile number.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Register Me’ button. Your citizen account will be created.

Step 5: Sign in to the Karnataka One website by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ tab and entering your login credentials.

Step 6: Choose the service you want to apply for and complete the application form.

Step 7: Select the online payment option. After verifying the bill information and amount, click on the ‘Confirm Payment’ button.

Step 8: You will receive a transaction receipt. Click on the ‘Get Your Receipt’ tab to print the receipt for future reference.

Offline Process to Apply at a Karnataka One Center:

  1. Go to your nearest Karnataka One centre.
  2. Ask for a registration form from the customer service desk.
  3. Complete the form with your correct details: name, address, and birthdate.
  4. Give the filled form back to the customer service representative.
  5. They will provide you with a user ID and password.
  6. Keep your user ID and password safe and don’t share them.
  7. Use your user ID and password to log in to the Karnataka One portal.
  8. You can now access various government services online.

Note: You can also download the Karnataka One App to access various government services.

Process for Karnataka One Franchise Registration:

To become a GramaOne franchisee, one has to fill out an online form on the Karnataka One portal and agree to the franchisee registration rules and conditions in the state. GramaOne Centre is a one-stop shop for various services for citizens at the village level, such as G2C services, RTI queries, banking services, etc.

However, only 12 districts in the state are eligible for setting up GramaOne Centres. The franchisee application fee is Rs.100, and the registration fee per counter is Rs.1,00,000. The security deposit is refundable. To check the status of the franchisee application, one has to enter the acknowledgement number and mobile number for OTP verification.

What are the RTO services provided by the Karnataka One portal?

  • RTO Services on Karnataka One Portal

Karnataka One portal provides Regional Transport Office (RTO) services for the convenience of the people of Karnataka. Citizens can get vehicle owner and driving license details from the KarnatakaOne Centres located throughout the state. The following are some of the vehicle-related services that can be accessed from the Karnataka One portal:

  • Vehicle RC-Extract issuance

A citizen who wants to sell his/her car needs to get a B-Extract from the RTO. The citizen can visit the Karnataka One portal and apply for the RC-Extract online. Citizens can also obtain vehicle owner’s information from any of the KarnatakaOne Centres by giving the vehicle registration number. The nominal information of the RC-Extract is retrieved from a remote database.

  • DL-related services

A citizen who wants to check his/her Driving Licence (DL) information needs to get a DL-Extract from the RTO. The citizen can get the DL-Extract from the KarnatakaOne Centres by giving the vehicle registration number. The owner’s name, date of birth and RTO code are extracted from a remote database to authenticate the transaction.

  • Traffic violation fines payment

Settle your outstanding traffic fines easily through Karnataka One! The Bangalore Police Service has partnered with Karnataka One to offer the “Parking Fine Collection Service” for residents who have received parking fines. Simply visit any Karnataka One centre with your issued notice to make your payment using our online portal.

For traffic violation fines, Karnataka One, in collaboration with the Bangalore Police Service, provides the “Traffic Violation Fine Payment” service. You can pay your traffic fines at any Karnataka One centre by presenting the issued notice through our web service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How can I check my traffic fines online in Karnataka?

Ans: To check your current violations, visit the Karnataka One  Web Portal and click on “Know Your Offenses.” Enter the new registration number in the KA-09-RG-6658 format, or select “Old Registration No.” if your vehicle’s registration format is outdated. Click “Submit” to view associated traffic violations. You can use various online payment methods to settle your e-challan as well.

2. What is the use of the Karnataka one?

Ans: Karnataka One is a digital platform in Karnataka, India, that lets people easily access government services and information online. It simplifies things like getting certificates, paying bills, and finding out about government programs. It’s a convenient way to interact with the government and make payments online.

3. Is Karnataka One and Bangalore One the same?

Ans: The BangaloreOne project sets up citizen service centres across Bangalore. These centres provide services from both the government and private companies in one place, making it easy for people. They are called “BangaloreOne centres.” You can also access these services through the KarnatakaOne website.

4. How do I contact Karnataka One?

Ans: If you need help with online transactions or want to check your payments, you can call 8904084861, 8904084896, or 8904085030 between 8 AM and 7 PM. You can also email [email protected] to get support regarding your query.