Birth certificate hold a special importance in all the id proofs of identity documents. You have to present birth certificates at medical checkups, at school, for jobs, etc. Changing your name in India may seem like a time-consuming process because most of your official documents may have already been issued. However, it is worth it when you feel the need to change your name or the names of your children. Now let’s talk about how you can change name in birth certificate in India.

What information does a birth certificate include?

Your birth certificate includes the following information: 

  • Your Name.
  • Your Parent’s Name.
  • Your Date of Birth.
  • Your Time of Birth.

How to Change Name in Birth Certificate Online in India? 

Step 1: Send your application for a name change

Submit an application for the name change to the Registrar of births and deaths under your Municipal Corporation or Gram Panchayat. The application letter should contain the details of your old and new name, and a statement of reason for the change.

Step 2: Provide the documents

Attach necessary documents when you submit your application. To change your name, you will need a notarized affidavit or certified copy from a judge. But to change last name or birth date, required documents vary by state. For example, in Bangalore, you will use the Surname Change form. Sometimes, hospital certificates might be needed for birth date changes.

Step 3: Complete the verification stage

The Registrar will review your applications and documents and make a decision. Usually, if you submit everything correctly, you don’t have to worry about rejection. But if they refuse to change your name and you disagree, you can go to the High Court. At High Court, you can request a “write of mandamus” to ask the Registrar why they rejected your request.

Step 4: Print the name change in local newspaper

Once the registrar approves, you will have to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper stating the change in the name.

I, XYZ, residing at, have changed my name to ABC and will be known as ABC from here on in. I have submitted an affidavit to this effect, which was signed by on.

Step 5: Publishing in the official gazette

To complete the process, you must publish your new name in the state’s official gazette (like, ‘The Delhi Gazette’). This is a Government publication and a legal requirement for your name change. Contact the government press, fill the application, and pay fees. State’s official gazette will publish your name change and will send you a certificate by email.

Documents Required for Name Change in Birth Certificate?

You must submit an application to the State Gazette Office or Municipal Corporation Office with the following documents:

  • Three copies of individual applications with supporting documents.
  • Copy of Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper
  • Newspaper publication copy
  • Demand draft of the required fee.
  • Attested passport size photos.
  • The text of the notification to be published.

You and one witness must self-attest all these documents. The gazette publication may take up to two months or more from the date of your application. You should get copies of the gazette publication where your advertisement appears for future use.

How to Change Father Name in Birth Certificate?

To change the father’s name on an Indian birth certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a court order that approves the name change.
  2. Fill out an application form for correcting the birth certificate.
  3. Attach the court order and necessary documents.
  4. Submit the application to the local municipal office.

Once approved, you’ll receive an updated birth certificate with the corrected father’s name.

How to Change Mother Name in Birth Certificate?

To change the mother’s name in an Indian birth certificate:

  • Gather a valid document showing the correct name (like a marriage certificate).
  • Fill the birth certificate correction form.
  • Attach the supporting document and required ID proofs.
  • Submit the form to the local municipality.

Upon approval, you’ll get an updated birth certificate with the corrected mother’s name.

Important Things to Remember for Name Change on a Birth Certificate?

  • Procedures for changing birth certificate details vary slightly from one state to another, so closely follow the guidelines issued by the state government office.
  • A mandatory application fee, as per state regulations, is required upon submission. Nonetheless, this fee is minimal.
  • Ensure to retain copies of all presented, published, and acquired documents, as they might be requested at any given point.
  • Request a copy of the updated Birth Certificate from the Registrar of Births and Deaths. A nominal fee is applicable for each requested copy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How long does it take to legally change your name in birth certificate in India?

Ans: Changing your name in birth certificate generally involves 3 steps: submission of an Affidavit, Newspaper Publication and finally a Gazette Notification. The procedure of name change could take a month and the newspaper Ad publication along with the official gazette notification can take up to 14 days.

2. What is the fee charged for a birth certificate name change?

Ans: Apart from the newspaper ad rates, changing name in birth certificate costs around Rs 1000. Newspaper Ad printing rates are different for every state and newspaper. The process of official notification takes around Rs 700 – Rs. 900 and the affidavit for a name change is made on an Rs 20 – Rs. 100 non-judicial stamp paper.

3. Can I change the surname of child?

Ans: Yes, you can change your child’s surname after divorce without needing your husband’s consent.

4. How can I officially change my name in India?

Ans: A person’s name can be changed after filing an affidavit, post an advertisement and a gazette notification.

5. How to change your name after marriage?

Ans: After marriage, the name can be changed by filing an application and affidavit to the registrar. Then you will need to notarize that affidavit and publish it in the official gazette and a newspaper.

6. Is an affidavit required for a name change?

Ans: Yes, it is a very crucial document as it shows the person’s intent, adds to the evidentiary value, and ensures accountability.

7. If I change my name, do I need to update my birth certificate too?

Ans: No, if you change your name, you don’t need to update your birth certificate as well. You should, however, keep notarized name change copies and advertise the name change in newspaper and official gazette.

8. Can names on the passport be different from the birth certificate?

Ans: No, passport and birth certificate names must match. If you changed your name on your birth certificate, you need to apply at the passport office to update your name on passport too.