About Us

Over the years, the government has initiated several plans. And while that is an excellent endeavour, those specific plans somewhere get lost into oblivion, forgotten and in many cases just exist as a mere shell of a plan. 

At govtsevaa.com, we aim to merge technology and information in such a beautiful manner that it evolves into something more than just a bunch of webpages. We aim to evolve it into a helping hand that you can reach out for help; 24×7. We intend to give you better access to services that you should be benefiting off. 


Our vision is to create a more informed India; one where people are aware not only of the existence of schemes but also how to avail the benefits of those. Our wide range of services are meant to ease your transition into a better life. We aim to offer insight, before it turns into hindsight. 

You could have a doubt about government services and certificates and the internet is too huge a place to look for answers. And most often, the answers you find aren’t reliable as well. 

The aim is to make “looking for help” a not-so-daunting experience.  

On our website, we breakdown schemes for you and simplify them to be comprehended by each and every one. 


Our mission stands to be to make every Indian self-reliant. We aspire to be the rightful bridge between your worries and your solutions. 

Enable us to be that bridge by reaching out to us. Look to us for services, because we are sure to let you know of them. 

Beyond the homepage on this website, all you will witness is problems laid to rest and the digital hand of a friend who would never leave your side.