A Family Tree Certificate is an important certificate that is issued by the revenue department of states in India. This certificate is a necessary document to support claims for a property inheritance, a will, or claiming death benefits from a deceased relative.

What is a Family Tree Certificate?

A family tree is a document that shows the ancestry and descendants of a family. It is prepared by the family members themselves and certified by the Tahsildar or a revenue officer. The main purpose of a family tree certificate is to facilitate the transfer of properties to the rightful heirs. 

It also helps with various legal matters or obtaining certificates from the revenue department. A family tree certificate includes the details of different generations of a family and the names of the family member, children, and grandchildren.

Eligibility Criteria to Get a Family Tree Certificate:

To obtain a Family Tree Certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The primary applicant must be the head of the family.
  2. Individuals seeking inheritance of property are eligible to apply.
  3. Any related member like Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, or Mother of the deceased.

Information Required to make a Family Tree Certificate:

If you are trying to obtain a certificate of family tree, you need to provide the below information:

  • Your full name
  • Names of other living family members.
  • Occupation of all the members
  • Date of birth of all members of the family and yourself.
  • Relation between you and the head of the family.

How to apply for a Family Tree Certificate?

You can get a family tree certificate offline or partially online in some states. Here is a step-by-step guide for both methods:

Offline Process to Get a Family Tree Certificate:

  1. Create a comprehensive family tree structure that includes details of all family members.
  2. Acquire a recommended stamp paper from the Tahsildar or sub-division office in your respective area.
  3. Print the family tree structure onto stamp paper.
  4. Present the stamp paper along with the necessary documents for an affidavit to a public notary.
  5. The public notary will verify the documents and obtain the deponent’s signature.
  6. The notary public will then attest, seal, record, and sign the details in a notary book.

After obtaining the notarized family tree certificate, applicants must obtain attestation from the revenue department. The offline attestation process is as follows:

  • Visit the sub-divisional office with application, required documents, and application fees to get the family tree certificate attested.
  • The respective officer will carefully examine the application and documents.
  • After verification, the officer will issue an acknowledgement receipt and forward the application to the concerned revenue inspector.
  • The revenue officer will then provide the necessary attestation and subsequently issue the family tree certificate.

Online Process to Get a Family Tree Certificate :

  1. Access the official State/UT website (e-District Portal).
  2. Register and log in to the website.
  3. Select the ‘Services’ option, followed by ‘Revenue Department,’ and then choose ‘Family Tree Certificate.’
  4. Fill the application form, upload documents, pay application fees (if any) and submit the form for the family tree certificate attestation.
  5. Revenue department officers will review the application and, upon approval, issue the family tree certificate.

Please remember that the online process is only for some parts of the application. To get the family tree certificate, you still need to follow the offline attestation procedure mentioned earlier.

How to Apply Online for a Family Tree Certificate in Karnataka?

Follow the below steps to apply for Family Tree Certificate Online if you are from Karnataka:

Family Tree Certificate
  • Click on “Apply Online”.
  • Enter your contact number and click on “Get OTP”.
  • Enter the OTP and click on submit.
Family Tree Certificate
  • On the next page, under New Request, select ‘Attestation of Family Tree”.
Family Tree Certificate
  • Choose your preferred language for the certificate – English or Kannada.
  • Select your preferred mode of delivery.
  • Upload all the necessary documents required.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • On the next page, select the Card payment and Card Type and click on “Make Payment”.
  • You will be provided with an acknowledgement/application number as soon as the payment is completed.

How to Track Family Tree Certificate Application Status?

To track the status of your Family Tree Certificate through online portals:

  1. Visit the respective official state website.
  2. Click on “Online Application” or “Track your Application Status”.
  3. Enter the Application Number.
  4. Click on “Get Status” and your application status will be displayed.

Documents Required to Get a Family Tree Certificate:

Below documents are required for getting a Family Tree Certificate:

  • Address Proof
  • Application copy
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate of the relative
  • Proof of relationship of members
  • Attested application form by a gazetted officer
  • Aadhar Card of all family members

How to download a Family Tree Certificate?

After the revenue officer issues the family tree certificate, you will receive it directly to your address. You cannot download it online.

Importance of Family Tree Certificate:

A family tree certificate can serve different purposes, such as:

  • Resolving disputes over the rights of deceased relatives
  • Claiming death benefits or transferring property in the name of the deceased
  • Verifying that every family member has a traceable genetic ancestry
  • Understanding the family composition of the person
  • Confirming the legal heirs and relationship among family members for inheritance matters

What is the validity of a Family Tree Certificate?

A family tree certificate has lifetime validity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the charges for getting a Family Tree Certificate?

Ans: You need to pay for the below charges for a family tree certificate:

  • Charges for ₹ 100 stamp paper 
  • Charges for processing
  • Charges of notary

2. How long does it take to get a Family Tree Certificate?

Ans: After the family structure is completed, it takes a day for obtaining the notary. The attestation takes 15 days to complete, after which you receive the certificate.

3. When is a Family Tree Certificate required?

Ans: A Family Tree Certificate is needed when:

  • Trying to trace your genetic lineage.
  • Understanding your family structure.
  • Identifying the correct legal heir.