For the aged, who are in the second innings of their life, a pension is the sole mode of sustenance for them. They strived all their life to finally one day sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. The central and state government employees also get a monthly pension after retirement. However, a beneficiary has to provide the life certificate every year in the month of November to continue receiving this pension amount.

With time, it can be difficult for old and ailing pensioners to visit the bank and submit the life certificate year after year.

In order to make matters simpler for pensioners, the government has come up with a solution and has therefore announced the Jeevan Pramaan Yojana.

What is the Jeevan Pramaan Yojana all about?

Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric-enabled digital life certificate for pensioners where they can generate and share it with Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs). The facility is available for retired employees of the central government, state government, and several other governmental institutions.

Senior citizens and other retired employees find it very difficult to visit the bank and submit a life certificate in person. The Government of India has made provision for ailing pensioners to generate the digital life certificate using Aadhar-card based biometric authentication by simply visiting the Jeevan Pramaan portal or even by downloading the Jeevan Pramaan app on their smartphones.

Eligibility Criteria for Jeevan Pramaan Yojana:

In order for a pensioner to benefit from the convenience of the Jeevan Pramaan Yojana, the following criteria need to be met:

  1. He/she should be a pensioner
  2. He/she should be a retired government employee – either working for the central government, state government, or any other government institution)
  3. He/she should have a valid and functional Aadhaar card number
  4. The Aadhaar number should be registered with the Pension Distributing Agency

How to avail the Jeevan Pramaan facilities online?

Jeevan Pramaan facilities have now been made online through the Jeevan Pramaan website or through the Jeevan Pramaan mobile application. Here is where you can download the Jeevan Pramaan application online.

After installing the application, a biometric device has to be attached to the device to be eligible to avail of the benefits of the Jeevan Pramaan services.

Jeevan Pramaan Yojana

How to register for Jeevan Pramaan scheme?

  1. Open the Jeevan Pramaan app on your device
  2. Select the option for a new registration – this goes with the assumption that you have not registered earlier
  3. Enter necessary details like Aadhaar number, pension payment order, bank account details, name of the bank, and functional mobile number
  4. Click on “Send OTP” and generate OTP which will be sent to the mentioned functional mobile number
  5. Feed-in the received OTP and proceed ahead
  6. Using the attached biometric device, authenticate your biometric details using Aadhaar
  7. Once all of that is done, click on submit and your details will be further validated by UIDAI and a Pramaaan ID will be generated against your details
  8. You can use this Pramaan ID to login into your Jeevan Pramaan account.

Summing it up

With this scheme in place, old pensioners find it relatively easier to now avail the benefits of something they have worked all their life for.