MGNREGA, which stands for Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act, was initially called the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). Implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development in September 2005, the scheme “aims to enhance livelihood security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.”

Some of the other key objectives of the MGNREGA include:

  • To flourish durable assets like roads, canals, ponds and wells.
  • It is required to provide employment within 5 km of an applicant’s home and to pay minimum wage. If the applicant does not get any work within 15 days of applying, an unemployment allowance will be given to them. If the government. fails to provide employment, it is bound to give certain unemployment allowances to the people. Hence, it is a legal entitlement to be employed under MGNREGA.

Who can register MGNREGA complaint?

If any person who has applied for a job under the NREGA, 2005 has not received a job card or they are not getting a wage regularly or getting less amount etc, he or she can submit his or her complaint online to the concerned state officer for redressal. The following can register an MNREGA complaint:

  • Worker
  • Citizen
  • NGOs
  • Media
  • VIP

When to register a complaint?

An MGNREGA complaint can be registered in any of the following situations:

Registration/job card

  • If the Gram Panchayat is not registering an eligible person for the issue of a job card.
  • If the Gram Panchayat has not issued a job card.
  • If the job card has not been given to the workers.


  • Delay in payment
  • Partial payment
  • No Payment
  • Improper method used


  • No timely measurement
  • Improper Measurement
  • The engineer is not coming for measurement
  • Measurement equipment is not available

Demand for work

  • Not registering demand
  • Not giving dated receipt

Work allocation

  • No work Available
  • The work is not allocated within 5 km
  • Not giving TA/DA for work site that is over 5 km
  • Not allocating work on time

Work management

  • Work has been not created
  • No health facility at place of work
  • Salary is not given as per semiskilled/skilled norms

Unemployment allowances

  • Unemployment allowances are not paid
  • Not accepting application


  • Fund not available
  • Fund not transferred
  • Fund in transit
  • Banks charging money for transfer of wages


  • Material not available
  • Hike in price
  • Bad quality of material

What is the MGNREGA submission process?

Follow these steps to register an MGNREGA complaint online:

  • Visit the official portal to submit a MGNREGA related complaint.
  • Select the name of your state.
  • An application form will now appear.
  • Select whether you are a worker, citizen, NGO, media or VIP.
  • Select the source from where you got information regarding irregularities in MGNREGA.
  • Enter required information in the given box and click on the “Submit Complaint” button.
  • After submitting your MGNREGA complaint, you can also check the status of your complaint, whether it has been addressed or not.

How to check your MGNREGA Complain status?

  1. Once you have submitted your complaint, you can check your complaint status here.
  2. Enter your Complaint ID and click on proceed.
  3. Now, you can check the status of your complaint, whether it has been redressed or not.