Lately, the Common Service Centre or the CSC suspended CSC ID. More than three lakh CSC IDs stand suspended at the moment and the CSC claims that forewarning regarding this move was given well in advance.

Instead of worrying about this, here is what you can actually do about it. 

Step by step guide to reactivate Permanently disabled and suspended CSC ID. 

  1. Figure out the reason for suspension or disabling of CSC ID. Without knowing the actual reason, you’d ideally be shooting arrows in the dark. 
  2. CSE has released a new link which will enable the CSC ID holder to enter the ID and intercept Captcha code to find out the status of the ID suspension or permanent disabling. 

How to Reactivate the CSC ID?

If you have found your CSC ID suspended or disabled permanently, then you ideally don’t have much to worry about. There is a CSC SPV team and technical department working on the problem and all of whose IDs have been suspended will now be given a new link through which they will be able to rectify and reset their account and this way they get their IDs back. 

In order to notify about your CSC ID deactivation or suspension, you would have to forward a mail. Here is the format of the mail you can resort to. 

E-mail format

Subject: Activation of CSC ID

I am not able to login to Digital Seva Portal with my CSC ID, as it is showing an error on the said CSC ID and the password seems to be showing incorrect. Request you to kindly reactivate my Digital Seva portal ID so I can fully contribute to the welfare of the people